US Non-Resident Visas

Am travelling to US in July by ship (not a cruise) and I require a non-immigrant visa (not and Esta/visa waiver document).
Visa application form requires me to provide arrival address in US but I don’t know exactly when I’ll be arriving and don’t intend to hang around in US anyway as travelling on to Canada a.s.a.p.
Does anyone know how to deal with this situation? Have sent an email to relevant part of US Embassy but have had no reply.

jlizzie 06/02/14    Getting there Link Report

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The first thing you should do is phone the embassy, if a number is available. That might make things move a little faster!

Rebecca Hallett 07/02/14    Link Report

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  • Hey there. How you get your visa depends on the country that you’re from (I’m guessing maybe not one of the 35 countries who can enter under the visa waiver program and apply through ESTA?). Check for all the details you need.

    Usually people get around the address issue by just adding the address of the hotel they plan to stay at for the first few days. If you’re going on to Canada, you’ll need to be able to prove you have an onward ticket and adequate funds to cover your stay in the USA.

    Rachel Mills 11/02/14    Link Report

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