Two questions: Where to stay in Crete and Rhodes transfer time issues

Hi there,
So I will be staying on Crete from Aug 16-Aug 21. Not too much time (I am finding out) to explore this island, but that is all the time I have unfortunately. I have been reading that Chania is the place to stay, perhaps Rethymnon. But also need to see Knossos and fly in and out of Heraklion. Any thoughts about an efficient itinerary?? For any advice, I’d be so grateful!!

Also, I need to get to Gocek, Turkey next and meet friends who begin their/our vacation in Gocek on Aug 21. I booked a flight to Rhodes so as to hop a ferry to Turkey, but I’m wondering which options would be best, much less possible…

Flight: Heraklion > Rhodes Arrives 2:20p
Ferry: Rhodes > Fethiye Departs 4:30p

**Would I even make this?

or stay a night and tour the city/be one day late to meet up with friends
can take either of these on aug 22

Rhodes > Maramis departs 9:00a
Rhodes > Fethiye departs 4:30p

I am in a proper dilemma…

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I can help with Crete. Heraklion, Knossos is a must see, sign up for a guide and it takes about half a day, no problem.

I would take a bus to Plakias, yes you have to change buses in Rethymno (another nice place to stay) but the total time is about 2 1/2 hours and the busses are very often and reliable and punctual.
Stay at the youth hostel in Plakias, I don’t know if you are the usual hostel goer but no matter what age or type of person you are, it is a great place to be.

It is the tiniest little town with only a population of about 300 people I think. It is on the shouth side of the island, the beach is the most amazing one I saw in Greece and there is a nude beach (if you are into that) and secret hidden rock beaches and a cliff you can hike on that overlooks the water… just, its beautiful. The hostel also has directions to secret waterfalls and cool hikes to take. And trust me, you will meet a lot of people, the hostel is very open and friendly. I was there for a total of 36 hours and made about 16 friends lol. It is a great time. Look them up on Facebook.

We went from Heraklion to Rethymno to Plakias then back to Heraklion and it was very nice but yes, definately rushed since we only had one night in Rethymno and Plakias.

Hope it helps. Have fun!

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