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Hi guys, my partner and I are commencing a 6 month RTW trip in the first week of April…. Our first stop is Cancun, we’ve decided to travel from Cancun to Playa del Carmen for a couple of nights and then on to Tulum – firstly does anyone have any hot recommendations for places to stay in Tulum- that’s not too pricey!!??

Secondly any recommendations as to where to go after Tulum, we are basically giving ourselves about a week (or maybe just over) to travel down to either Guatemala or Belize, depending on the most logical route , so if anyone has any little pearls of wisdom about which routes to take or places to stop off along the way, it would be v much appreciated! Thanks all.

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Hi there
I’m one of the Mexico authors, so not going to do myself out of a job by saying too much about accommodation! There’s a fair amount of budget choice, though, from small hotels to hostels (party or otherwise) to a few very basic cabanas on the beach, in places which have so far escaped development.
As far as moving on goes, the obvious route is to head straight down to Chetumal on the Belize border (good roads and plenty of buses), from where there are buses to most parts of belize and to Flores in Guatemala (via Belize; Flores is the closest town to the Mayan site at Tikal). En route Mahahual on the Costa Maya is (or hopes to be) the next Playa del Carmen – there’s a huge cruise ship pier, so try to avoid days when a ship is in. The Mayan sites west of Chetumal, places like Becan, Balakmu and Calakmul, are also amazing, partly because they get so few visitors. Not that easy to get to, though.
A radical alternative would be to head west of Chetumal, past these sites, to Palenque (itself an amazing place), then south from there down the Frontier Highway to Frontera Corozal, from where you can visit the awesome site of Yaxchilan, and take a boat across the river into Guatemala. On the other side it’s about a 5-hour bus ride, mostly on dirt roads, to Flores. But that’s a lot of travelling, some of it fairly hard-core.

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  • Thanks so much for the response. You’ve certainly given us some food for thought, and options that we had not previously considered, so thank you for taking the time!

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  • One of our Twitter followers mentioned Mango Tulum for accommodation:
    “@Jesstours: Mango Tulum — A budget conscious travellers dream. Affordable, secure, comfortable and exceptionally clean!”

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  • After Tullum you might like Bacalar, a laid back town on the shores of Lake Bacalar which is crystal clear, white-sand bottom, fresh-water lake. Then there’s cheumal, the capital city of Quintana Roo on th eborder with Belize and from there you can get trips to snorkeling reefs, flamingo preserves, and a taste of Mexican-Caribe culture.

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