Travelling with a baby

I’m determined to keep travelling once our baby is here…and determined not to be put off by the people who tell me we’ll never go on holiday again! Aside from the UK, has anyone got any recommendations for great places to travel with a little one?

Emma Gibbs 11/01/13    Travelling with childrenEurope Link Report

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Colombia! Were are travelling there with a baby (one year) in two months, we’ll say you how it will be! There are a lot of countries where you can travel!

Farf 17/01/13    Link Report

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  • France – you can drive from the UK which means you can bring everything you need (we went with a 7 week old to the Loire Valley and filled the car with baby baths, sterilizers, thousands of muslins and all the rest of the baby’s rider), the food is such a treat for someone coming out of pregnancy (dangerous cheeses!) and of course it’s exotic enough to feel like you’re experiencing something different while still having the essentials you’ll be used to in the hypermarche.

    Anna Ollard 23/01/13    Link Report

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  • Italy is good because babys and children are doted on by everyone. So for example going to a restaurant isn’t an ordeal, because everyone loves having the baby there. In fact nearly everywhere outside the UK is more tolerant of children! And particularly a small baby is easy to travel with as they don’t run off etc. For some reason baby milk and nappies always seem to be very expensive everywhere abroad though; maybe we just didn’t find the right shop.

    Dan May 23/01/13    Link Report

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  • Thanks for the tips, all – really helpful! And nice to know we’re not alone in the whole travelling with a baby thing…
    Think France might be top of the list first off – the appeal of all those amazing (and pregnancy-dangerous) cheeses is too strong to ignore!

    Emma Gibbs 29/01/13    Link Report

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  • I say go, go, go before baby hits two and you have to pay a full airfare! Before they can crawl or toddle the world is your oyster, pretty much, as long as you’re happy to strap the little one in a sling or go somewhere that’s generally pushchair-friendly. Self-catering is the best bet as it can be a bit awkward turning up to restaurants with a little one in tow – we got a few funny looks when we took our six-month-old to Paris. Eurostar is a good bet though – flights can be absolutely fine if baby feeds then sleeps but of course s/he may choose to scream the whole way!

    Monica Woods 29/01/13    Link Report

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  • I have seen quite a lot of backpackers who have had babies and done the exact same thing as you, so you are far from alone! Fair enough it takes more planning and logistical effort, but it is possible! You can even get backpacks with in built baby carriers now! The backpacker demographic is changing a LOT, it isn’t just young students any more, not by a long shot!

    Besides, look at it this way you are given your baby the best education it will ever have in travelling the world straight from the get go!

    If you don’t mind long haul suggestions I would suggest SE Asia in general, but particularly Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. They dote on children and babies there, and you will have access to any facilities/supplies you may need. Plus somewhere like Singapore for example has SO much to do for families.

    The only thing I would suggest for long haul is break the flights up if at all possible into at least two legs, three is better, (for example London – Europe – Middle East – SE Asia) stay overnight in each place, give yourself and thebaby a rest.

    Michael Huxley 28/03/13    Link Report

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