Travelling around Croatia with a limited time.

I have 2 weeks to travel around Croatia in August, what can I not miss and how should I travel?

Clare McCausland Laming 01/08/13    Getting aroundCroatia Link Report

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Thank you for your great answers! Great advice that I will take on board.

Clare McCausland Laming 01/08/13    Link Report

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  • Hey Clare,

    We’ve created a gallery of Things Not To Miss in Croatia so be sure to include some of those in your trip!

    Here’s some advice on getting around Croatia too:

    Hope you have a great time :)

    Lottie Gross 01/08/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Clare,

    I think an island-hopping tour of the Dalmatian coastline would be your best bet – the scenery is jaw-droppingly stunning, there should be a nice cool sea breeze blowing inland and this whole area is very well connected by bus. The water here is so clear that I remember seeing tiny fish in the sea as I travelled past on a fast-moving bus!

    You could explore this stretch from North to South or vice versa as you prefer, starting in Rijeka or Zadar and travelling down to Split and Dubrovnik (both must-see historic cities). Jadrolinija ( runs an excellent ferry service between the mainland and the islands, which is also affordable and easy to navigate. The islands of Vis and Mljet are particularly good spots for escaping the summer crowd, and enjoying the country’s natural beauty.

    If you have any additional time on your holiday and fancy an interesting side-trip then you could also consider a day visit to either the Plitvice Lakes or Mostar in Bosnia, or you could carry on from Dubrovnik down the coast to Montenegro, which is considerably cheaper and just as beautiful.

    Have fun!

    Alison Roberts 01/08/13    Link Report

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  • Good to know all of this. Thanks Ross!

    Clare McCausland Laming 04/09/13    Link Report

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  • Hi,
    I’m sure it mentioned in some of the links above but I thought that the Istrian peninsula was the best place in Croatia. I found it a lot more genuine that Dubrovnik. Although Dubrovnik was very nice I thought that it now only seems to be there for tourists and very little other activity is carried out. It has lots of history but even inside the huge walls the only shops are shops for tourists. The Istrian peninsula has lot of ruins, beaches, spectacular scenery etc. It is also not far from Plitvice lakes which are well worth going to see. They are 2hrs from Rijeka. If you did the above along with some island hopping and maybe Zagreb it would be a good trip without any long bus trips. Renting a car is also a good option if you plan to travel around as the roads are good and the drivers aren’t too crazy.
    What might help you for ideas is


    TravellingforfunRoss 26/08/13    Link Report

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