Travelling Alone as a Woman in Tafraoute, Morocco

Hi there,
I just got back from a three week trip to Morocco. While it was beautiful and full of amazing memories, I feel obliged to warn women who are thinking of travelling alone to Tafraoute. I was attacked by a faux guide while on my way to visit the blue rocks just outside the town. Another bad decision was made when I went to the local police who were, to put it mildly, very unversed in women’s rights. I don’t want to deter anyone from visiting, but please be careful and trust your intuition.

maya1t 25/06/14    City tipsAfrica Link Report

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Hi Maya1t,

I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience in Morocco. Thanks for sharing your advice, it’s important that we’re aware of the dangers that present us in countries around the world. Like you say, being careful and trusting your instincts are a good way of keeping safe, as well as using common sense. I hope you’re not put off travelling to Morocco or anywhere else because of this, and thanks again for sharing your advice.

Lottie Gross 25/06/14    Link Report

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  • Once we decide to travel alone, we should ensure that our intuition is good enough. Good thing you manage to get back safely and thanks for letting us know. I think in all places, travelers should be really careful in dealing with other people. Adequate information should be gathered first.

    rosanyl 25/11/14    Link Report

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