Traveling with 15month for 7 weeks

Any tips on grocery shopping for the little one, concerned about baby food, milk(cows), nappies etc & any tips on travelling in Croatia with one?!

Nat tingey 30/07/13    Travelling with childrenCroatia Link Report

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You shouldn’t have any problems finding baby food, nappies, formula milk etc but the choice of brands may not be as wide. As in other European countries, you may have to hunt around and pay a premium for fresh cows’ milk as the dreaded UHT stuff is more common.

Croatia is very family-oriented and you’ll find children are welcomed in most places, although that doesn’t mean baby-changing and high-chairs are guaranteed, but you can improvise! It’s easy to get round (although hot and busy in the summer, of course) – I’m sure you and your little one will have a wonderful time.

Monica Woods 01/08/13    Link Report

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