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I am planning to visit rajhasthan next month (August). please suggest which is a better place to visit among Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Is it a good time to visit jaisalmer for camel rides in dessert and a night camp or it better to go off to Jodhpur. please suggest places for must watch in both places.

Nikhil Pushkarna 23/07/13    Activity and adventureIndia Link Report

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Depends on the length of time you have available. Both are good in their way, though I would prefer Jodhpur if I have a choice.

Must-sees at both are the forts, each completely different from the other. Jaisalmer is sandstone, and I recommend the audio tour. Jodhpur is much larger and a stunning place to visit (go early) – didn’t do the audio tour here but I would imagine it’s worth the cost.

Rather than camp in the desert, a very quirky thing is the sunset camel ride. Only a couple of Km and it’s hilarious to watch the Indian tourists kicking footballs, chasing each other, and littering like there’s no tomorrow. Turn around and the sunset is magnificent. And you’ve only had to put up with the stinky, flea-bitten, ill-tempered beasts for a few hours.

As I said, I’d vote for Jodhpur, but either place is only worth 2 days of your time.

Give us a kis... The sunset WAS cool

PirateAt50 24/07/13    Link Report

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