Hi! I am not an expert on these smartphone – phones… yes, I have an old sony ericsson phone WITHOUT TOUCH! And I am going to travel for a while next autumn, and I thought it would be a good (or bad) idea to buy a smartphone since wifi is being more common , everywhere. My question is do any one have a good advise for a smartphone that is not IPHONE. But with good camera, music and so on, I don’t know, cheap also? I prefer a smartphone that NO ONE will steal, thank you …

Love love and love from Cathrine :)

Cathrine Nystuen 28/11/13    Travel health and safety Link Report

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I’ve always chosen to travel with my old Nokia brick phone…! I don’t really like taking anything travelling that might make me a target and hostels etc aren’t always secure. I’d just prefer not to be worrying about it – I also think that old phones are pretty tough and are more likely to survive the rigours of being on the road :-) There are internet cafes everywhere so i’ve never found staying in touch a problem… and i’ve never had to deal with pesky roaming charges either!

Saying all that, I can see why the camera / music / internet option would be handy. Just back up the pictures you take on a regular basis. I’ve got a Samsung SII as my usual stay at home mobile and it takes great pics.

Rachel Mills 03/12/13    Link Report

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  • This has become a fairly common argument over recent years and to be honest both sides have pros and cons.

    The one I have always preferred (having being backpacking since the time mobiles were only just becoming popular – yes I know I’m getting old thank you!) is carrying an old, cheap throwaway phone that I can put a local simcard in and use for texts/calls as needed. The pros are as Rachel says it is less a target for thieves, it is WAY cheaper, and you can also ‘unplug’ and enjoy the place you are in rather than travelling half way around the world to check your FB updates every 10 seconds. Cons are you have to find an internet cafe or a hostel with access if you want to send/check emails (not so difficult), you can’t take advantage of the now almost ubiquitous free wifi and you will usually end up carrying at least 1 other piece of tech (camera, music player or eReader).

    The other option is carrying a smartphone. Pros are you can have all your entertainment (music, ereader) in one small package, you can use free wifi to make reservations, check into your next flights or check reviews of places on the go, and email or even skype home for free. However constantly being ‘plugged in’ can be considered a downside too. Cons are the cost and the security issues, and the fact that if you are skyping at 0100 in the morning like a certain unnameable person I remember in Bali you are likely to be subject to a sudden flying object aimed squarely at your head! ;D

    I have now settled into the middle ground and use a cheap mid range smartphone (I won’t say the brand, but there are plenty out there under or around £100 GBP) that isn’t high end, but accesses the free wifi when I want it to, plays music and video and has an ereader app, even if the screen is a little small.

    But if you are happy with your old phone, I’d say stick with that. You may even enjoy your travels more. I have spent the absolute majority of my travels without tech, just popping into internet cafes from time to time to fire off an email or two, and I have never had a problem. My last few trips however I have seen more and more backpackers with their faces constantly stuck in their pads or their phones screens instead of interacting with other travellers or enjoying the places they are visiting.

    Michael Huxley 12/12/13    Link Report

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  • To be honest, the most helpful phone for me is one of those old Nokia phones. Sim card are easy to find (anywhere around the globe), usually the phone is already open lined (meaning any sim card from anywhere will function and be ready to use), no one will ever try to steal an old fashioned Nokia phone from you. Signal is really great!

    You can bring your own camera for pictures – I usually bring a DSLR during my trips (DSLR are way too better compared to cameras from smart phones as the image resolution is excellent).

    I also use my ipod 5th gen for travel app, music and games.

    travelchick 09/01/14    Link Report

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  • Thank you for great answers , helped a lot ! :))

    Cathrine Nystuen 14/01/14    Link Report

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