Where to travel in April?

My husband and I are looking to leave April 14th and come home April 26th but we have no idea where to go. We are looking into Europe (French Riviera to Milan to Switzerland to Munich to Prague.
Has anyone done this? Is this a good idea?

sprinlau 06/04/14    Budget travel Link Report

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Travel is always a fantastic idea. In just under two weeks I would narrow that choice down though. Maybe pick two places and stay a week in each. Have a look on skyscanner and find yourself a cheap flight to wherever takes your fancy.

Michael Huxley 07/04/14    Link Report

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  • I’m sure you can have an amazing time on that route – it just depends on what sort of holiday you’re after! You may find it a bit of a rush to visit Italy, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, but if you’d like to see a lot of places you can always make the journey part of the holiday. For example, have a look at the Man in Seat 61 website for pretty comprehensive coverage of rail routes in Europe, and see if anything appeals. Alternatively, if you can drive you could rent a car for maximum mobility and flexibility, and just make sure you have internet access to book places as you go!

    Personally I think Northern Italy is beautiful at this time, so I’d be tempted to give it the most time on my itinerary. I went there a long time ago on a two-week family trip; we drove down through France, staying for a night each in Luxembourg and Switzerland before arriving. It was lovely to treat the journey there as part of the holiday, but if I did it now I’d be tempted to stay a little longer at the stops along the way.

    I hope this helps, and you have a great time!

    Rebecca Hallett 07/04/14    Link Report

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