Transport between some SW National Parks ~ 3 weeks trip

Hi to all!
We are 2 persons planning for a trip to some national parks of the SW USA and was wondering if it is easy to make the transport connections between them by public transport.
Which partks to vist would also depend to an extend, on feasibility of moving between them.
The plan is to stay about 2-3 weeks there, out of snow season, walk around in the wild, camp, enjoy nature ( but no extreme sports).
Also we would stay a few days more at a couple of cities in the area – maybe basing at Phoenix and Las Vegas is fine and also practical for flights in/out.
Some parks we’d love to visit, are in the area roughly from Grand Canyon AZ to Arches UT and some radius around these.
Yellostone is a good idea too, but seems more far away.
Probably we ‘ll be 2 persons, so renting a car could be ok for a part of trip, but maybe not for the entire time, for reasons of keeping the costs lower…
So, if you have some tips – recomendations, for making an interesting, practical and low budget itinerary, please do send your suggestions!!
Many thanks to all, happy travels!

Nikolaos 20/12/13    Getting aroundUSA Link Report

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Hi @Nikolaos, What a great trip! The national parks in the Southwest are absolutely breathtaking.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at the recommended itineraries in The Rough Guide to the Southwest USA, check it out! There are three major itineraries to mix and match: the Colorado Plateau (via Las Vegas), the four corners region (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona), and Route 66 (via Phoenix).

Another option would be a loop in/out of Los Angeles: Yosemite National Park > Zion National Park > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon National Park > Los Angeles.

As I’m sure you know, this is car country, and getting into and around the parks can really only be done by car or tour bus. (Though you can take the train or bus between major cities.) If you are attempting to do some time without a car, then I would recommend you base yourself out of Las Vegas, rather than Phoenix.

Campsites and accommodation can book up early, so it’s worth planning ahead these parts of your trip if you can. You may want to look into a camper van rental, as well. JUCY Rentals ( has just opened in the USA and may be an option to look at.

Hope this helps!

Rebecca Behan 16/01/14    Link Report

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  • One more thing! I was just reminded today of this article:

    A reader (and competition winner) traveled the Southwest last year and we put together this diary of her blog posts from the trip. Might be a fun read for you. Enjoy!

    Rebecca Behan 17/01/14    Link Report

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  • Rebecca many thanks for all those tips!
    I hadn’t spotted these itineraries on rough guide
    I’ll work on these ideas
    it’s a dream trip for me!
    all the best!

    Nikolaos 18/01/14    Link Report

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  • You’re welcome @Nikolaos. And have fun planning!

    Rebecca Behan 21/01/14    Link Report

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