Top tips for the solo traveller.

Solo travel is an absolutely amazing escapade and has a wealth of experiences and opportunities for those with the courage and the adventurous spirit to take it up. It can be an almost spiritual experience, but it isn’t without its challenges either.

Here are my top tips for the inexperienced, first time solo traveller

Do all you experienced travellers out there have any more to share?

Michael Huxley 19/08/13    Travel health and safety Link Report

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Hey Michael

Interesting tips… I find if you eat, drink, speak (when possible) and think like a local it makes solo travel much easier. In Kenya I travelled with the locals on top of trucks so I didn’t make myself an obvious tourist (not that there were many in that area mind…)

I found people had more respect for me and treated me less like a ‘stupid tourist’ (and therefore were less likely to try to rip me off) if I knew the local customs, some language, ate local food and travelled the same way they did. It made it far easier to travel alone and it was also a lot more fun – it was like I had a Kenyan alter-ego.

Our RG writer Zora O’Neill wrote some really great tips for travelling solo – I especially like the photography one:

Lottie Gross 22/08/13    Link Report

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  • I’m going to be lazy and link to my blog: : )

    In essence: don’t feel like a failure if you don’t make friends, let your inhibitions go but don’t compromise your safety when doing so, don’t make snap judgments about people, watch your snacking, travel light, learn some of the local language and pack protection.

    Kia 23/08/13    Link Report

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  • Thanks Lottie and Kia, great tips too! Sounds like we are all on the same page!

    How about you newbie or inexperienced backpackers? Have you found these tips useful? Are you still worried about solo travel?

    Michael Huxley 24/08/13    Link Report

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