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Hi there,

I’m from Georgia and i saw your post about Top 10 Countries to visit.
My homeland was in this top 10, which is great, but there was a Geography issue.
It is written that Georgia is located in Central Asia and that is a big mistake. My country is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Central Asia border starts from Caspian sea and ends at Kazakhstan/China border.
I think that’s important not only for me, but for the viewers and readers from other countries.

Please correct your mistake.



Georgia in not in your question list: “Country your Question Relates to”

Tsilo 04/01/14    Where to go Link Report

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Hi Tsilo,

Thanks for flagging this up. We’re very sorry about this error – not sure how it slipped through the net!

We’ve now amended the page.

Best wishes,


Eleanor Aldridge 06/01/14    Link Report

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