Tips on visiting the Amalfi Coast

Some friends and I are planning on visiting the Amalfi Coast in a few weeks. I just wondered how easy it would be to get around without a car as none of us are very keen to drive?

Fiona 10/05/13    Getting aroundItaly Link Report

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If you’re heading there in a few weeks, you’ll be getting into high season, so NOT driving is probably a good call. I was there a couple of weeks ago and the traffic was already starting to get demonic, with parking being a huge (and expensive) problem. Luckily Naples through to Salerno is very well served by buses as well as ferries.

If you’re on the bus you might be stuck in slow traffic on the coast road, but you’ll at least be able to appreciate the amazing scenery – something that’s difficult while negotiating the hairpin bends and traffic anarchy from the driver’s seat. The buses are easy to use – the routes are straightforward and they’re frequent. I’d definitely avoid the sightseeing buses unless you really love a running commentary. They’re more expensive and trundle around places which are much better walked. Especially avoid the one that takes you from Amalfi to Ravello – you can walk it in an hour and Ravello is pedestrianised anyway so it’s a bit of a swizz. In fact, if you want a lovely walk from Amalfi, don’t bother with Ravello (a bit sterile and lacking in atmosphere) and follow the river from the top of Amalfi up to Pantone. Totally beautiful.

Ferries are more expensive, but a great way to travel and they call at all the main places: Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Salerno, as well as the islands.

It will be hot and busy at that time of year, but if you make sure you’ve got plenty of time to get from place to place you shouldn’t have any problems getting around.

Clare Currie 14/05/13    Link Report

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