three-day hike in catalonia

Hi – I’m in Barcelona for a week in August. I’d love some recommendations for a three day walking itinary, preferably in the mountains, possibly on the coast. I’d like to start and end in places that can be easily accessed by public transport from Barcelona. I’m looking for low- to mid- range accommodation as I go. I’m fairly fit but given that it’s going to be really hot, don’t want to be too ambitious with distances – 20 km per day maximum. Any hints/advice/ suggestions/ book/guide recommendations would be very gratefully received!!!!

Clare Shaw 25/07/14    Link Report

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Hi Clare,

Sounds like a great trip! Barcelona is a beautiful city, and though I haven’t been hiking in the surrounding area myself I’m sure there are some great spots. Montserrat is a good spot for some mountain walks, and easily accessible from Barcelona. Tarragona is another nearby historic spot which has some pretty amazing surroundings, and is also coastal. There’ plenty more info on the in The Rough Guide to Barcelona, as there’s a chapter on destinations out of the city.

Hope this helps as a starting point! has some good information on hiking routes in the region and their difficulty, so you may find it helpful in building an itinerary. Have a great time in Catalonia!


Rebecca Hallett 29/07/14    Link Report

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