things to do between Zurich and Paris

Landing in Zurich and have 3 days to get to Paris. Any recommendation ? routes ?

Ofer Rotem 26/09/13    Link Report

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Hi there, hope this isn’t too late, but how about going over to Lake Geneva (Lausanne is a more interesting city than Geneva, unless you’re a politician) and then onto Lyon, before heading up to Paris? Lyon has a very compact centre so you won’t necessarily feel you’re missing out if you’re only there for a night. I’d recommend staying at Le Boulevardier and making sure you eat at the nearby Le Musée, arguably the city’s finest traditional bouchon with an owner who somehow finds time to chat to every customer. If you’re after company, the Irish bars in Vieux Lyon are a good option.

Neil McQuillian 06/11/13    Link Report

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