The best place in Italy to learn how to cook authentic Italian food and improve my Italian at the same time.


I’m planning on doing a tour of different places in Italy (through Interrail or some other way) and at some point during the trip would like to stop somewhere and do some kind of Italian cooking and language class. Ideally, it would be something very local orientated and not a multinational company. Italy is a very diverse place, but in your opinion(s), where is the place where I will truly live ‘la dolce vitta’?

Many thanks!

– Chris

Chris Parry 19/06/13    CultureItaly Link Report

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Ciao Chris, for how long are you thinking to stay in one place? I would suggest to have a look at for a truly authentic Italian experience and an high quality Italian language school

jos1968 19/06/13    Link Report

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  • Ok this looks good. I was thinking of maybe travelling for a month or so and spending at least a few days/one week max in each place.


    Chris Parry 21/06/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Chris,
    If you are planning to take in the south of Italy, I can recommend a place off the beaten track, it’s actually a family-run artist’s residence I attended called Palazzo Rinaldi, and it’s run by a local family. It’s in a small village called Noepoli, close to Matera (which I also visited during my stay).
    Pina is mamma and is an incredible cook, and apart from cooking us an unbelievable breakfast each morning, she would often welcome us in her kitchen to show us how she makes her own traditional family recipes,..I must have put on 2 stone while there!! There is also a residents’ kitchen for making your own meals.
    Not sure if you absolutely have to be a professional artist to attend (an interest in the arts and a specific project could be ok??) but drop them an email. Their site is

    Jenny 17/07/13    Link Report

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