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What are some things I can’t not try, visit or see when I go to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand?

Toneille 23/07/13    Activity and adventureCambodiaChinaJapanLaosMalaysiaMyanmarPhilippinesThailandVietnam Link Report

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We’ve put together 20 things not to miss here which makes a good start…

Andy Turner 23/07/13    Link Report

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  • My god there’s an open question! The list is extensive, there really is so much to see and do! Especially if you include the WHOLE of SE Asia!

    Limiting my answer to Thailand for a moment, it would really help if we knew some of your likes/dislikes/preferences?

    But some of my favourite things to do, in no particular order are …

    Take a PADI diving course in Koh Tao or another island.
    Help the conservation efforts at an elephant conservation camp.
    Get a Thai massage (lots of them, they’re amazing!) And take a Thai massage course.
    Take a course in Thai cooking.
    Eat, eat, and carry on eating! The street food in Thailand is phenomenal!
    Enjoy the touristy backpacker frenzy of Khao San Road and try to avoid the touts!
    Go temple hopping at Ayutthaya.
    Swim in gorgeous tropical lagoons at each step of the famous seven tiered waterfall in Erawan national park.
    Hone your haggling skills at the crazily fun Chatuchak weekend market.
    Take in some of the ultra modern malls in Bangkok.
    Ride the Death Railway and walk over the Bridge over the River Kwai for a bit of somber recent history.
    Visit the massive reclining Buddha in Wat Pho.
    Khao Yai national park, just stunning!
    Go jungle trekking in Chiang Mai.

    I really could go on for hours here! I haven’t even scratched the surface! Give us some ideas of what interests you and we can help you a bit more specifically.

    Until then have a look here and here for some more inspiration.

    Michael Huxley 23/07/13    Link Report

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  • Thank you so much! Yeah I know it’s a very open question but I just want to make sure I see everything and do as much as possible. I need to plan ahead though because I am there for a year but I am working in that time and will have to plan to see things around work. I want to see things that are outdoorsy I suppose. I want to try lots of amazing and different foods, so restaurant names and markets to visit? I have looked at the rough guides top 20, but I am really interested in the Philippines and Vietnam too. Dislikes, preferences etc, I am really not fussy. I’m a pretty optimistic person so I am open to trying and doing just about everything. Thanks again.

    Toneille 24/07/13    Link Report

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  • If you can get there do the jungle train from Singapore to the Taman Negara rainforest (Malaysia) – it was the best part of my trip in Southeast Asia and takes you through some incredibly rural and lovely places in Malaysia!

    I’m pretty sure this is the site where you can check times and book tickets

    It’s really cheap, such good fun, and the jungle is incredible. Happy travels!

    Lottie Gross 24/07/13    Link Report

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