Suggestions on places to see in Egypt

Obviously I want to see the pyramids and sphinx, and the valley of the kings and the main sights, any other suggestions? I am planning for maybe 4 or 5 weeks.



KateL 12/04/13    Egypt Link Report

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4 or 5 weeks is a great time to see Egypt without rushing through. You can relax, take your time and really savour this amazing country, you can also see Sinai in this time too quite easily.

You obviously have read up on the sights in Cairo itself, Giza, the museum, Islamic Cairo and so on, each one is worth exploring fully and slowly.

From Cairo, I’d get the train up to Alexandria (approx 3 hours ish if memory serves). Many visitors to Egypt bypass this amazing city completely but they shouldn’t. I really am shocked it isn’t more of a tourist draw. The corniche overlooking the Med has a slightly more Greek/Med ambience than Egyptian, you can see Fort Quaitbay built on the site of the Pharos, one of the ancient wonders of the world, the new biblioteque Alexandrina, built on the site of the original great library of Alexandria, dive in the bay and see the ruins of Cleopatras palace as well as great shipwrecks and other great dive sites… I really could go on for hours. Go to Alexandria, it is a MUST see!

Abydos is a good stop too on the way to Luxor. Again, many people bypass it but there is a lot to see here. It is the supposed burial place of the god Osiris, the huge temple of Seti, the Oseireion, all well worth a stop.

Luxor and Aswan need no introduction, and in my opinion it is well worth spending some time just relaxing in bothe of these places and exploring them fully, just taking in the atmosphere, having a cruise on the Nile and relaxing as well as visiting the sites.

Sinai is worth a good week too. Head to St. Katherines and stay there rather than get a tour group in, spend a few days climbing mount Sinai and the surrounding peaks then head up to Dahab and Nuweiba for some diving.

Hope this helps?

Michael Huxley 12/04/13    Link Report

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  • Hi kate

    want to see the pyramids and sphinx
    see these place in Cairo

    When travelling through Egypt, you should avoid certain areas, particularly sites located in the centre of the Nile Valley! About 20 years ago there was rising tensions at these sites, Islamic fundamentalists had targeted tourists in order to destroy the tourist industry and the economy. This was part of a larger plan to bring down the government, seize power themselves, and install the political ideas of their own vision, a vision which no more resembles the rules of the Qur’an than the Inquisition resembled the Christianity of Christ

    Ancient Memphis
    Pyramids of Giza
    Pyramids of Sakkara
    Pyramids of Dahshour
    Pyramids of Abu sir
    Pyamids of Mydoum
    Pyramids of eleisht.html
    Pyramids of Hawara.html
    Pyamrids of Abu Rawash
    Pyramids of EL Lahaoun
    Pyramids of Hawara
    pyramid of Mazghuna

    Narendra 16/04/13    Link Report

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  • 20 years ago?!?!?

    Narendra I’m sorry that is absolute nonsense.

    There is always a small risk of fundamentalism anywhere and everywhere. You cannot let that stop you from travelling or experiencing the world. Would you say New York or Boston should be avoided? No! How about Bali? No!

    In general Egypt is extremely safe and with common sense precautions and reasonable safety measures there is no reason to avoid any of it.

    Michael Huxley 16/04/13    Link Report

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  • You can also go for a Nile cruise.. it can be a best way to see different views of the place from the water.. or enjoy some relaxing in their popular beaches or resorts.. or go for some red sea tour..

    kaye047 02/05/13    Link Report

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  • Indeed, there are many beautiful destinations that the place can offer its visitors.. you might wanna check this site that i’ve seen online they seem to provide every destination need for any interested traveler to Egypt.. This might help you in you in your inquiry about the best places to check there.. Good luck !

    kaye047 02/05/13    Link Report

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  • Thank you Michael and Kaye 047.Really interested in doing a Nile cruise, and Alexandria sounds good! Will check them both out, Thanks!

    KateL 07/05/13    Link Report

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