stops on a UK to new Zealand flight

I’m travelling for the first time to NZ from Heathrow with United Emerites. I have transfer in Dubia shown on my itinerary but after that there are two other stops not shown which I believe to be Bankock and Sydney.
Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect on the stops? I.E. do I have to go through security, collect my bags, check in etc etc
I really need an idiots guide as to what expect on each leg of the journey. Help?

firsttimetraveller 19/01/14    Getting thereNew Zealand Link Report

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Hi there,

From my experience on long-haul flights you are not required to do the usual security and check-in processes again for your next flight. Your baggage should be moved between planes and you will go through to departures straight after getting off your last flight, rather than going through the whole process again. If you look out for signs that say ‘transfers’ that should take you in the right direction.

However, I would advise checking with your airline as sometimes this may not be the case, so I cannot speak for your flights.

Good luck!

Lottie Gross 21/01/14    Link Report

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