Staying in an apartment

Have three nights in Sorrento Apts. Italy and as I’ve stayed in
hotels ,pensions ,hostels & campgrounds thru Europe this is
a new type of accommodation for me
Am curious and would love some comments from people who
have stayed in this type of place. Am looking fwd to it!!

ianbaz 16/02/13    AccommodationItaly Link Report

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Hey ianbaz,

When I am going to stay in one place for more than 2 nights I get an apartment. I’ve rented apartments in Australia, Prague, Budapest and London in the past year and for me it’s the way to go. It saves on meals if you just want to get take-away or cook or stop at a pastry shop and save on breakfast. I love it. You usually get a whole lot more room, you’re in a neighborhood rather than a sleeping factory, and if your lucky you will get a little old lady as your landlady and you get adopted. I was in Budapest, stayed by the castle, great local shop and a wonderful husband and wife who spoke no Engligh, but we managed to have a few laughs and she did my laundry and so many other things. The funny thing was that we got the place for 40 euro a night and the hotel near the square was 200 euro? I stayed in a brand new building in Prague, away from the tourists, but about 1 km to the Underground and supermarket. It was amazing with my own balcony and a washer even. If you need internet make sure they have wireless or Lan.

Now it is important to research! Look at what other’s have said and weigh what they have said. I love it and I think you will too. I will be in Germany in May and I will rent an apartment for a month while my partner works. 1000 euro’s will but a great place with all the bells and whistles. A hotel would be closer to 2000-2,500 euro for a 3 star for 30 days. So enjoy yourself and become a local. You might get adopted by an old Italian woman who makes great pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time of my life 17/02/13    Link Report

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  • Am moving into a new phrase in my traveling as up to now
    it’s been mostly about budget since mid 1970,s
    Now days with slightly more funds and some recent incidents
    in hostels I’ve moved to either smallish hotels and now the
    apartment scene
    And in an apartment I don’t wait in line for use of toaster or
    Thanks for sharing your experience,s & I’ll let you know how I
    went when I’m back in Australia

    ianbaz 17/02/13    Link Report

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  • A question to Time of your life.
    Same same with travel ethic …don’t take it to serious cos even the bad stuff has a funny side
    Any how the question I only found Sorrento Apartments by chance as I scanned the several
    accom sites I have. The apartment came up on Bookings .com and it was well priced so I
    went for it.
    Do you have a site or particular company that you use
    And do you think picking an area ( say Andalusia ,Spain for example) then rent for a month
    or more then use as base to explore
    Appreciate you advise as with all the long bus/train rides across Asia , Africa & Sth America
    done time for having a base in/near a village so I can wander to local cantina and practice
    my inadequate Spanish. Cheers

    ianbaz 17/02/13    Link Report

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  • Hey ianbaz,

    Glad to help. I too use for most of my apartments and hotels if short stay and read the reviews. I have also used Craigs List for some cities and that has worked really well. I usually weigh the reviews and it has served me well. I also try Trip Advisor for comments, but again I weigh the reviews. I sometimes go with my gut instinct and for the most part I have been satisfied.
    I have found that review’s by actual travelers can be mixed and you have to decide if it works for you.

    I have spent a lot of time in Spain so I might be able to give you some pointers. Andalusia is a great area, but beware in the summer! It is hot, hot, hot! So much of it reminds me of Don Quixote de La Mancha. You have probably read the book and when you go there you can see what Cervantes was writing about. Amazing, but lot’s of open spaces and small villages to get lost in! Cantina’s to loose your mind in too! Your Spanish will come in handy in this part of Spain, but fret not that you will always find a way to communicate and a lot of laughs when you say the wrong thing, but they get it. OMG I can tell you some stories!!!
    I would use some smaller cities as your base and explore. Best if you drive, but the trains are pretty good in Spain. The AVE is high speed and will get you to the major cities in no time.

    I used Toledo in off season as a base and explored a lot in the area near Madrid. Madrid is too big and Toledo is perfect. Use a place like Girona near Barcelona as a base and go from there. Again connected by train and bus. Use one of the small town near Malaga in the south to explore, but Malaga is beautiful, but way to many expats for me. Spain is just amazing when you get off the main roads and you never know what you will run into!!!!

    Asia is great for train travel. China, Japan, Korea are great for fast train. SE Asia is like a slow train to Bangkok! Bus is better if you take VIP overnight buses. Bus is faster in SE Asia. In China the Orient Express is a mind blower! Expensive, but once in a lifetime. Trans Siberia is amazing. So much to do and so many interesting places and people. I can give you more details as you get more specific. I live in Bangkok annd have traveled all over Asia so I can give you lots of pointers when the time comes.

    Africa is my weak point! Maybe there will be others who can chime in on this massive continent.

    By the way of all the countries in the world your country of Australia is one of my favorites. I have taken driving trips all the way up to Port Williams on the east coast from Melbourne. My favorite city is Melbourne and I have many friends there. Rent an apartment when there and save a bundle!!!!

    Anyway you get me going. I leave in the morning for a 2 week driving trip in Portugal, so I best stop, otherwise I will write until morning.


    Time of my life 18/02/13    Link Report

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  • Hey Ianbaz,

    I’m back and open to other questions you may have. I just rented an apartment in Prague for a month. It’s the same place I rented for a week last year. So when looking at apartments I suggest go outside the tourist area, but close to public transport. The place I rented again is 10 minutes by Metro from Old Town Prague, but it’s like living in a park. Birds sing in the morning. So if you don’t mind staying is a neighborhoood with locals, look at places outside the CBD, but close to Public Transport. I saved around $2,000 USD for a month by just going 10 minutes from CBD by Metro. The place is amazing with full kitchen, LR, BR, bath, balcony, internet free, washer, and 3 minutes from a market and no one speaks English at the market. It’s the real deal! Oh yeah there is a good pizza place and of all things a Portuguese Wine Bar. $1,500 USD for 2 people for a month!!!!!

    Time of my life 14/03/13    Link Report

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  • That is it in a nutshell –at $1,500 a month thats $50 a day and i found Prague
    in particular not real exe when it came to public transport & i actualy used the
    Metro /bus combo to airport from my hostel ,the Mango a short walk to Malostranska
    Also with public if only a 10/15 min tram then a nice half hour walk in then tram
    I,ve only a hostel in Rome then one one in Catania ,Sicily but the rest are small
    hotels and actualy not that expensive
    When i get to Croatia i,m told rooms ,some times with kitchen are offered by
    “mumma,s” at ferry/bus depot.s
    Next year i plan Madrid then south to Malaga/Mabella with an apt 15 minutes
    from town then move on to Portugal and Morroco
    Enjoy Prague ,a pizza and beer

    ianbaz 14/03/13    Link Report

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  • Though I haven’t used it personally I have friends who have used this fairly new site successfully to get flats for city stays, which I believe allows individuals to let out their flats through it:

    It might be worth a try to compare prices with other companies.

    Dan May 18/03/13    Link Report

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  • Ianbaz,
    Thanks for the feedback. The place I rented is for 2, so $25 per, compared to hotels, it cheap and it is the time of the opera, dance, music festival and the Beer Festival. Yeah the public transport fro the airport is a pain, but cheap.

    Spain is so much fun and just got back from Portugal and it was an amazing trip. Portugal is cheaper than Spain and much cheaper than any of the western european countries. You will love Spain and Portugal!!!! Pass the Sangria please!!!!!!

    Time of my life 19/03/13    Link Report

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  • Another one who uses apartments for stay put holidays if over a week in the same place. Paris is my favourite for this. The place is small, has all the comforts of home and a fabulous view. The first day I find a local supermarket and buy a few emergency rations and put a couple of meals into the freezer then settle in. If the weather is bad or I feel tired and lethargic, or just want to soak up the atmosphere, it is so nice to be a ‘slob’ and stay in during the day. The cost savings are significant and I enjoy the privacy. The secret for me is to find something quiet yet a short walk to major transport hubs.

    ohwell 10/04/13    Link Report

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