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This is the first time me and my wife are going to a tropical country. I’ve been reading a lot about dengue virus so we got a bit worried. Is this a reason not to go? How likely is it that you get bitten? I know you can protect yourself with DEET and wearing the right clothes (color and long sleeves). So is it really wrong to wear shorts and t-shirts?

Steven Cornelis 30/12/13    Travel health and safetySri Lanka Link Report

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Hi Steven,

Dengue virus is a very real threat in Sri Lanka, and in the last year there were over 30,000 reported cases on the island. However, if you protect yourself with DEET and wear long clothing, particularly in the cities where there are more outbreaks, you do dramatically reduce the risk of getting bitten and contracting the virus. It’s worth noting that mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus bite during the day (while those carrying malaria bite at night). I would always wear long clothing in the cities (but not always elsewhere), and personally I wouldn’t take the risk of dengue as a reason not to visit Sri Lanka – but that’s an individual choice and I wouldn’t want to persuade you either way. There’s some Rough Guides advice on how to protect yourself from dengue about half way down this page:


Helen Abramson 03/01/14    Link Report

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  • As a qualified nurse I would advise you to go. Dengue is a particularly nasty disease but you can protect yourself from the mosquitoes that carry it.

    You should always check for recent outbreaks in areas you want to travel to and plan accordingly. There is no treatment or medication for dengue, the only thing that can be done if you contract it is to treat the symptoms. Stay well hydrated, rest and take analgesics for the pain. The best form of defence against dengue is mosquito avoidance. It is almost impossible to completely protect yourself, but by taking specific avoidance steps you can significantly reduce the risks. Have a look here for more information on Dengue including how to protect yourself against it.

    Michael Huxley 28/04/14    Link Report

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