Hi all

M planning for a holiday in Spain For about 20 days in the month of February…Being a first timer i am finding it difficult to plan …need suggestions on places to visit and how to plan my tour…

Thank u

Shrenik Bafna

bafnashrenik 11/08/14    Where to goEurope Link Report

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Hi Shrenik,

That sounds like a great trip! You can find a lot of ideas for travelling in Spain on this website – just go to our Spain page ( to get some ideas. The ‘things not to miss’ gallery is a good start for some inspiration, and there are also a few itineraries for you to consider.

If you want some more specific ideas, feel free to ask here in the community section. For instance, how are you going to be travelling? Do you want to see the big cities, countryside, beaches, a mixture? Are you interested in sightseeing, outdoor activities, culture and history, food?

Hope this helps!


Rebecca Hallett 11/08/14    Link Report

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Hello Rebecca,
How you doing? Thanks for the reply, it was very kind of you.
M planning it to be a leisure trip and a bit adventurous, would be very helpful if you can give me a itinerary which covers the maximum of the country, i can also extend my stay for say another 10 days. Also i am planning i to be a road trip. If you could suggest me the places i should visit i shall plan it accordingly.
Take care

Shrenik Bafna

bafnashrenik 14/08/14    Link Report

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