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Hi again, sorry to bombard you all with so many questions, but seeing as you have all been a great help so far, I hope you wont mind.

Basically I’m looking to do a lot of shopping (a girl has her needs!) nearer the end of my trip, nothing specific just want to treat myself on my holiday. I will be shopping in Singapore too after Kuala Lumpur, but was looking for some good shopping recommendations for Kuala Lumpur? I will be there at least a few days (my trip is fluid, I wanted to keep it relaxing).

Thanks in advance XXO

Stephanie L 08/04/13    ShoppingMalaysia Link Report

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Hi Stephanie, not at all.

KL is a great place for shopping, it all depends what you are shopping for really.

The first place that springs to mind is the KLCC mall, it is right under the Petronas towers so you can combine the shopping with a bit of sightseeing/photo ops. The aquarium is pretty good for a hour or two as well. There are plenty of high end/mid range shops there over a number of floors, a cinema, great food courts etc. You can easily spend a lazy day there.

One of my favourite places in KL is Petaling street in Chinatown, many backpackers see it as touristy and a rip off, but I think it is great fun, especially at night. The place is full of pretty high quality knock offs, handbags, purses, T shirts, jewellery, watches, DVDs etc, but HAGGLE HARD. The vendors there are very used to package tourists with a lot of money and no sense and will happily charge you five or six times the amount the stuff should be (whilst trying to claim it is the genuine article of course). If you do haggle (aim for about a third to half of their original asking price depending on how high they start) then you can get some real bargains here.

Berjaya times square is good for some cheaper shops and a few quirky one off businesses. It’s even got a whole fairground including rollercoaster inside it! Plus there is a cinema and an archery range (which I spent a bit too much time in last time) if you are so inclined.

Starhill gallery is a really high end mall full of really expensive shops.

If you want electronics/phones/laptops etc then try Low Yat Plaza.

There is also the Pavillion shopping mall which is massive, the mid valley megamall which is a bit of a distance from the centre of KL but is huge, one of the largest malls in SE Asia.

There are so many others, probably too many to list, but these are amongst the most popular. Have a great time!

Michael Huxley 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • Just what I needed to know Michael, thank you so much you have been a great help! Will definitely brush up on my haggling!

    Stephanie L 10/04/13    Link Report

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