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Hi, I am planning to visit San Francisco in spring and would like to ask if somebody could recommend some nice hotels with a seaview. Also I heard that it’s quite windy in San Francisco. Is the whole of San Francisco windy or just certain parts? So a hotel where you can sit on the balcanoy enjoying the sunset without getting blown away would be perfect. Any recommendations? :-)

trigo 20/08/14    USA Link Report

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The waterfront is breezy but it wasn’t super windy when I was there for a week or so in June… Summer does also quite often have heavy fog which could dash your hopes of taking it easy on a balcony! Your best bet might be elsewhere in the Bay area, like Oakland or Berkeley (usually sunner and a bit more sheltered), or you could look at Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Guess you have to decide if the views MUST be the Pacific Ocean, or you’d be happy with the lovely San Francisco Bay.

Personally, I’d avoid Fisherman’s Wharf as it’s a bit tacky and very touristy. South of Market is pretty cool these days and Hotel Vitale is an author pick here:

If you’re happy to be away from the centre a bit, then you could consider The Richmond and The Sunset – hotels are a lot cheaper and many of them have frothy ocean views.

Over the Bay in Oakland, The Waterfront Hotel is modern and there are plenty of balconies:

Rachel Mills 20/08/14    Link Report

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  • Totally agree, go with the San Francisco Bay. You won’t regret it. For a general overview, you can go to:

    San Francisco has been quite a boom town lately, mostly because of the Silicon Valley and Moutain View (Google). So rents have gone up quite a bit and this is also visible when looking at the price development of hotels.

    In general, I’d suggest you stick with the recommendations Rachel gave you, for a few days or a week you don’t need to think about more possibilities…

    mikeduck 20/08/14    Link Report

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  • I visited San Francisco a view years ago in May and stayed slightly inland but dined at the seafront many a night. Dinner at the Cliff House a must for its unbelievable views, especially during sunset.

    Accommodation wise we stayed at the Monterey Plaza Hotel which was stunning and we used the spa facilites which I can highly recommend. Depending on your budget I would also recommend the Ritz Carlton – but expect to pay a big price for the view AND the service AND the food.

    I have also heard great things about Hotel Vitale!

    EllieW74 20/08/14    Link Report

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