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In May I will be flying into San Diego for a 9 day stay followed by 8 days in Mexico before traveling back over the boarder by foot to San Diego to fly home.

I am a British passport holder and have already applied and obtained a VWP.

I have proof of my onward flight home.

The areas I will be frequenting in Mexico may consist of Tijuana, El Rosarito, Ensenada and Mexicali and during my time in Mexico I may travel back to the US for day trips before returning back to Mexico.

I am aware that upon approaching the boarder on foot I am expected to complete a Mexican Tourist Visa Card however is there anything else I should be aware of or be prepared for?

I have read numerous guide books and checked the FCO website as well as both the US and Mexican Embassy websites and as helpful as they are, they do not really mention anything that would be relevant to my particular trip… though surely I am not the only British person to do such trip?

I would be grateful for any assistance or guidance from you lovely people.

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Crossing the border back to the US is a hassle. Even on foot you can expect to wait an hour or so to get across. Tijuana is a dump for the most part. Rosarito can be toured in about an hour – or less if you’re not shopping for a clay pot. That’s unless you wish to stick around at Senor Frogs and have margaritas poured down your throat. Ensenada has a little more to offer – though not much. You’re pretty much doing a tour of the armpit of Mexico.

Unless you have some specific agenda, there are far more interesting places to visit in Mexico – as in anywhere else.

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