Safety in Colombia and Central America?

On of our Twitter followers has asked for advice on safety for two girls travelling in South and Central America… Here’s her plea:

“is it safe for two girls to go to Colombia/Central America what are the dangers?”

Our experts said:

“Colombia is full of travellers these days – the Caribbean Coast is especially easy to get around and lots to do. Travellers should always be more alert at border crossings and in Central America, I’d say parts of El Salvador, Honduras and remote areas in Panama would definitely be more challenging than Costa Rica, Belize or Guatemala which are more established tourist destinations. Nicaragua would be a good bet if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Check the FCO site for up to date details on safety in each country:”

Have you been? What are your thoughts? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Lottie Gross 08/01/14    Travel health and safetyColombia Link Report

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Pickpocketing and scams occasionally happen, and counterfeit notes do exist, so stay alert. On the whole though, Colombia is way safer and more accessible than it has been in years. As with everywhere, avoid accepting drinks, snacks and cigarettes from anyone you don’t know or don’t trust…

Rachel Mills 08/01/14    Link Report

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  • Completely agree with Rachel, yes there are scams and yes there are risks but reasonable safety precautions such as these are more than enough to reduce any risk to acceptable levels. Read up on scams, especially ones such as border crossing scams, and stay alert, and you’ll be fine.

    Michael Huxley 08/01/14    Link Report

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