Safari in Botswana.!!

Can anybody tell me, what is the best time of year to got on safari if your ultimate aim is for wildlife photography. I was look at a discounted trip in March near the end of and was told the surroundings would be nice and green and the weather not to humid during the day and just the right temperature at night.

Would most People Agree.??

maxine 20/05/13    When to goBotswana Link Report

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There’s no really simple answer – when it’s hottest and driest, the grass will be shorter (or non existent), and it’s easier to find wildlife around the scant watering holes. So it’s maybe ‘easier’ to photograph. But it’s hotter. And there’s going to be more people there, because the dry season is the popular season for photography.

On the other hand, when the grass comes, the flora looks more beautiful and you’ll get thunderstorms and the incredible zebra migration and the birdlife is better. But it’s hard to see animals, especially small ones, when the foliage is thick. But it’s cheaper and more peaceful.

Basically it’s the bush. it’s wonderful 12 months a year.

Jeremy Smith 06/06/13    Link Report

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