RTW Trip - When are the best times to be in each Country?


I am hoping you could help!

I am planning an round the world trip from the UK, i know where i want to go, its just a case of whens the best time to be in each country?

So i have set the date of departure for the end of may 2014 and am wanting to spend 5 weeks in each country/travelling to the next.

Asia – Thailand (may 2014/june), Bali and Lombok (june/july), Sri Lanka (july/aug), China (aug/sept and Japan (sept/oct)

North, Central and South America – USA (nov/dec), Costa Rica (dec), Peru (jan/feb)

Europe – Italy (feb/mar) and Greece (mar/april), from there Africa – Morocco (april/may2015)

Are these months the best months to be in each country? I dont mind so much as them not being the best, but i dont want them to be the worst.

I originally wanted to do Europe first, but decided it would be better to leave it till the end, due to how the weather would be in the other countries during those particular months. Or could i stick to my original plan?

Hope i am making sense, thanks in advance! :)

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Oh god, this is a really difficult question to answer! Frankly mate, there is no ‘best’ or ‘worst’ time. Technically each place has seasons, hot season, wet season etc, and there are advantages and disadvantages to travelling in all seasons. For example, July and August is the best time to travel Europe weather wise, but it is the most expensive time to travel and is packed with tourists! Personally I LOVE the rainy seasons which people generally advise avoiding, because the weather is still often great in most places for most of the time, it is cheaper and there are less people about! Plus let’s not forget the fact that you are covering a fair bit of ground there, so you are bound to hit good and bad times at some point regardless. Basically you can’t win.

The best advice I can give from my own experience is just to travel to the places you want, and make the best of each place at the time you are there, even the ‘worst’ times have unique and amazing cultural experiences for you to discover.

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