Road trip in Hungary?

Worth it? 3 day road trip where we see as much as we can … Hungary’s most popular city is Budpaest but we want to see maybe the countryside and small towns as well… Is it worth it?

Kanika Gupta 21/03/13    Activity and adventureHungary Link Report

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I would suggest that you go to Eger, which is just about 2 1/2 hours from Budapest. It’s a small historical town with a great castle. It is also a town near the Valley of the Woman, which has amazing wine lodges. The wine from this region is a beautiful red with really great depth of flavor. The town is very walkable, really great restauarants, and friendly people. In the evening you be treated to a concert in the city square near the main cathedral. While there I startled by beautiful Hugarian music at aroud 6pm in a small square near my hotel in the middle of town. Beautiful, romantic, violins continued for about 2 hours with a few breaks.You can get there by train from Budapest or drive by car. Don’t drive in Budapest as you will miss so much!!!!!

Time of my life 21/03/13    Link Report

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