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I’m planning a trip to Iceland for 3 weeks or so. If I wanted to go all the way around, how many places does it make sense to stay in? I’m having a hard time judging the distances and driving times. For example, would it make sense to stay in Reykjavik, Hofn, Husavik and Isajforder and back to Reykjavik? Each for 3-4 nights? I have two kids, aged 9 and 12, so am also concerned about food availability in the smaller towns. This would be in the August/beginning September.

thanks for any advice

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Hi there,

Sounds like a great trip! On our Iceland itineraries page we suggest three itineraries (, each for one or two weeks. So comparing them to your plan, it looks like you should be fine covering that much ground in three weeks!

Hope this helps,

Rebecca Hallett 13/05/14    Link Report

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The drive between Husavik and Isafjorder will be the longest as driving around all the fjords and stopping to see all the views takes time as will the drive back down to reykjavik so maybe stay there a little longer so you have time to explore and not just drive, or stay a few nights in Patriksfjorder to split it up. You could also split the south coast journey and stay at Vik, again to give you more time exploring and less time driving. You will not have any trouble finding food in the smaller towns, Icelanders like to eat out, even if its just at the local gas station cafĂ©, which have a fair choice and they will all have a supermarket where you can pick something up. Also, many places have self catering cottages at reasonable prices and more opportunities to make your own food – check Icelandic Farm Holidays and The driving is easy but there is so much to see and stop at on each trip that it can be tiring so 6 – 7 stay overs at different locations would work well, ensure you see all you want to and give you enough rest.

Hope this helps

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great, thanks very much for your comments

kconery 14/05/14    Link Report

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  • Here’s a neat guide I came across that might help you in your planning.

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