Recommendations for long-term stay in Vietnam

Hi all,

I’m planning on living in Vietnam for a minimum of six months with my girlfriend while she writes up her thesis. I’m looking for somewhere relatively quiet with a surf beach and decent internet access – 3g seems ok, though I’d prefer ADSL. I’ve been looking at Mui Ne, which seems a bit better for this than Nha Trang (have been to Nha Trang a few times and love it, but it seems more of a party town). Any other suggestions?


Mark Wotton 31/01/14    City tipsVietnam Link Report

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That’s a nice decision to have to make!

Nha Trang and Mui Ne are probably your best bets for a long stay. Nha Trang does have more of a nightlife scene, but you’re also likely to meet more locals here – Mui Ne is developing at a rapid pace and is quickly turning into something of a tourist enclave. Goof watersports, though.

An alternative could be Phu Quoc, which has some fantastic beaches, though I’m not sure how good they’d be for surfing (it’s more of a snorkelling destination, particularly between November and May) and it is much more remote than the two you’re already looking at.



Keith Drew 04/02/14    Link Report

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  • If I had to choose anywhere to live in Vietnam it’d be Hoi An – and not just for the tailors! It’s a really cute little town, although can be crammed with tourists. But if you don’t mind that, it’s got a nice relaxed vibe and a good beach nearby, which can be reached by motorbike.

    Lottie Gross 04/02/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Mark, I am an expatriate living in Mui Ne. If it’s surf you want, Mui Ne is better than Nha Trang. Quiet depends on the proximity of traffic, neighbors, karaoke and such but there are quiet options away from the tourist strip. Internet access is relatively slow in Vietnam, not to mention frequent power cuts, but thumb drive 3G or ADSL is available. If you prefer a quiet isolated island and inspiration from nature with no entertainment distractions for a writer, Con Dao would be perfect but not for surfing. Phu Quoc island has the best beaches but no surf.

    tropixblue 28/03/14    Link Report

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