I am planning on going to Rajasthan next month for two weeks/ slightly less- and I will be a girl traveller (27) alone.

I went end of last year for a yoga retreat to Udaipur and Bijaipur and loved it. I would like to go back and perhaps visit Jaipur or something.

If anyone has any advice for female solo travellers- how best to keep safe, how to act when travelling alone during the day, what to do in the evening etc I would be really interested and appreciative.

Many people have tried to put me off going and even though I know I will be nervous when I get on the plane waiting to land in India alone, I have read many things which suggest you can travel alone as a woman in India.

So any advice/ experiences to share would be great! I am also interested, as a precaution, say I got there and felt unhappy/ unsafe- are there reliable and safe guides you can book whilst there etc.

Look forward to some info!

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Hi @afc222,

I have travelled in India three times now, once alone, once with my partner and once with my 50-year-old mum! It’s an incredibly welcoming and exciting country to travel in, and as long as you are sensible there is very little danger. Hundreds of women travel in India alone every year – I met plenty while I was there, and especially in Rajasthan.

It’s all about common sense: keep your wits about you, don’t walk down dark alleyways alone, wear appropriate clothing (long trousers and sleeves) etc. Understand local customs and familiarise yourself with an area before you arrive (our Rough Guide to India has plenty of useful info and I’ve used it three times to help me plan trips and get to know where I’m going).

The Rough Guide will also have suggestions of tour operators and guides that are reliable and can show you around if you need!

Good luck with your trip and enjoy!

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Thanks so much for getting back to me.

Is there a rough guide specific to Rajasthan? As i am only there 9 /10 days i am looking for more in death information on this area…

I think I will look up so tour operators etc in case i feel i want to be with a group suddenly.

Any other suggestions welcome :)

Thank you!

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Hi, our Rough Guide to Rajasthan was last printed in 2010 and we don’t have any new editions planned, so this information might be slightly out of date. Your best bet is the Rough Guide to India, or to check out reviews of guides online to make sure you find the right one for you! Good luck :)

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  • Completely agree with Lottie here, it is all about common sense precautions and reducing any risk. Remember, India has a bad rep, but for all the bad things that do happen to travellers (men AND women), thousands travel there every year completely safely!

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  • Namaste! I first travelled to India alone 20 years ago when I was your age, and am going back 20 years later with my son (aged 6 1/2) this August. My advice would be: a) be vegetarian & don’t drink tap water b) have a photocopy of your passport c) get Travel insurance d) have a stash of secret cash or a spare credit card somewhere e) carry a lock, and lock your backpack esp. in the moments before a train departs. Check out the areas you are going to and get Malaria tablets, if this gives you peace of mind. Keep your valuables about you, and your wits. Don’t wander off with strange men, obviously, look for female company, sit in the designated female compartment/section of the bus or train. Look out for scams esp. around rail & bus stations. Use a reputable travel agent instead. Ask permission before taking pictures. Don’t be tempted to buy anything (such as jewels) that is just too good to be true! It will be. Always be firm and polite. Walk away with a “no, thankyou!” if something or someone bothers you. And relax and enjoy yourself!

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