Plitvice Or Krka National Park

As a young couple, would it be worth visiting Plitvice over Krka this August? We shall be visiting both Zadar and Split during our trip. Both look lovely though I am a little put off by it being high season therefore would you recommend to visit Plitvice on another trip when not high season?

Tomavery 29/07/13    When to goCroatia Link Report

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Hi Tomavery

I see your quandary, and you’re right that both parks are likely to be very busy in August. It’s hard really to choose between them but most travellers suggest that Plitvice really is unmissable – uniquely beautiful in fact – and well worth the extra amount of time required to get there. It’s also bigger than Krka, which gives you a little more space to try to escape the crowds.

The best way to avoid them will be to stay overnight and perhaps do a walk late in the afternoon (it shuts at 8pm August) and another first thing the next morning (it’s open at 7am) – or do both walks on the same day to avoid paying twice.

Even better of course – if you have time – would be to try and fit in both!

Edward Aves 01/08/13    Link Report

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