Planning to backback around the world starting in March

I am starting to plan a round the world trip for this year but if I were leaving in March is there a good place to start. I live in Canada and was thinking of starting out in South East Asia or if not maybe do South America to start off with. I just want to get some idea of what’s those places are like around March or April. This is my first post and thanks again.

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If you start here in S.E. Asia (I live in Thailand, but from the U.S.) it will be the beginning of the hot season. December-February is the cool, dry season in Thailand. Wet monsoon season is July-September. It rarely rains all day here even then.

If you do South America first the weather will be warmer in the south of the continent and cooler if you start out in a place like Mexico and work your way through Central America, then continue south and you will have pretty good weather.

If you get to S.E. Asia in December-February the weather is great, but it get really crowded here and the prices are high. The best prices are from April-late October and you will travel dirt cheap. The north of Vietnam is cold (not Canadian cold) in November-March and the south is like Thailand.

Japan cold this time of the year like North America. China is very cold and snowy in the winter. The government is making it harder to get in now, but mostly directed to American’s.

I travel a lot so post any questions you may have and I can usually respond with some kind of answer.

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  • South East Asia is a fantastic place to start your travels and cut your teeth as a backpacker. Apart from the obvious lures of the region, it has a well established banana pancake trail that has been well worn by many backpackers before you. Dont let this put you off as you can still find your own unique adventure, but what it does mean is that you will have the benefits of a great and established traveller infrastructure in places like Thailand.

    In terms of the time of year dont worry so much about it. travelling in off season can be just as good if not better than peak season.

    Enjoy your travels, Im sure you will have a blast.

    Michael Huxley 27/03/13    Link Report

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