Peru Honeymoon, mountain bike trip for 10 days, will have 1 week to visit anywhere


We are planning our honeymoon to Peru in September. We will be part of a mountain bike group for 10 days in which we will bike the mountains around Lima and Cuzco. We will have 1 week after the tour to fill with anything we want. Any advice on what is worth seeing/doing. Our return flight will leave from Lima. We love adventure, hiking, anything untouched and beautiful. Ideally we would like to spend a few days on the water somewhere. Ballestas Islands sound amazing, as we have both been dreaming of visiting the Galapagos Islands one day.
Any suggestions, advice would be amazing.


cassidy 12/06/14    Activity and adventure Link Report

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Paracas Reserve / Ballestas Islands would be a great choice. The fishing village of El Chaco is a good place to stay (rather than dusty Pisco), as it’s the launching point for boat tours to the islands and all the guesthouses arrange tours. If you’re down on the south coast then you also shouldn’t miss Nazca, and a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines (you can get a thirty minute flight for around US$100).

Alternatively, you could base yourself in Arequipa and do some rafting or kayaking through the vast Colca Canyon… or back closer to Cusco is one of Peru’s highlights, the departmento of Madre de Dios, perfect if you want to get out into the jungle and stay in a remote lodge. Have a great trip.

Rachel Mills 18/06/14    Link Report

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