Northern Lights on a budget.

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where and how to see the Northern Lights that isn’t going to be nearly £1,000 each? Any advice on what to do will be so appreciated. I’ve heard that you should go for the destination rather than the natural phenomenon as the lights might not happen during the stay. Hope you can help.

Clare McCausland Laming 26/09/13    General travel chat Link Report

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Hi I just wrote you a longish answer then lost it! I was suggesting going to Reykjavik as you can get a dorm bed there for as low as €17 and do a boat tour out to see the aurora for €36-ish with Special Tours. And if the the lights aren’t playing out then at least there’s plenty of other stuff in town to distract you!

Neil McQuillian 06/11/13    Link Report

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