Myanmar in late July

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I happen to plan for a short trip (8-12 days travel) in late July this year and I’ve been wishing to finally able visiting Myanmar/Burma.
Based on random internet search, it’s been said that July-August should be the wet months over there.
I don’t plan for trekking though I’m not sure it will be a pleasant walk to sights I want to see within Yangon & Mandalay.

Can I have your opinion? Should I wait until October to travel there?
I’ve had plan B, C, D but they’re all in South-east Asia and don’t have similar weather with Indonesia (in July & August, we usually have hottest season of the year).

Thanks in advance for any responses.


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Hi ssjuly

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While it is certainly true that July and August are generally peak months for the monsoon in Myanmar, how much rain you’ll get really depends on where you are in the country. Mandalay, Bagan and the central plains – which I’m sure would figure highly in any of your plans – actually receive comparatively little rain year-round, and by July will be cooler than the March/April peak (which can be roasting). We think this is a pretty good time to visit in fact – you can take advantage of low-season rates and the lushness of the countryside at this time of year, and while chances are you’ll get some downpours, they’re only short and when they’re finished the skies are beautifully clear. One thing to bear in mind in Mandalay is the Spirits festival in nearby Taungbyone in August, which can make transport around Mandalay quite hectic at this time.

Yangon receives a lot more rain than Mandalay or Bagan but though the deluges can be pretty powerful they’re again comparatively short and are unlikely disrupt your visit.

In short, if July/August is the only time you can go then I would say definitely – go!

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