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Me and my partner are looking to go to Burma next year and I wanted to know some recommendations for travel and information.
We start in Yangon and will probably stay there for 2-3 nights, then move onto Bagan (as I have to do the hot air balloon trip!).
We will stay in Bagan for 2-3 nights and then move onto ngapali or Ngwe Saung.

Firstly for the trips in between Yangoon and Bagan, which form of travel would be recommended, how much is it roughly and how long does it take? Price isn’t to much of bother, as would just prefer the easiest method of travel.

Secondly, which beach resort is the easiest to travel to, from bagan and then going back to Yangoon after, and again what form of travel is needed, price etc.

Any information on the above would be much appreciated!

Thank you :)

samanthaf 07/08/14    Responsible travelMyanmar (Burma) Link Report

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That sounds like a pretty amazing trip! I haven’t been myself (though I’d love to) but I just wanted to let you know that there’ll be a brand new, full-length Rough Guide to Myanmar out in February 2015, so hopefully that can be some help as well.

Rebecca Hallett 07/08/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Samantha,

    I was there at Christmas and flew from Yangon to Bagan. It was really easy – took about an hour or two. Probably your best bet. I’d recommend Nyaung Shwe too. It’s a bit touristy compared to some other places (but still less so than the rest of Asia), but great for exploring Inle Lake.

    As for the beaches, I didn’t visit any, but this might help:

    And finally this might be of interest while you count down the days to your trip!

    Tim Chester 08/08/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Samanthaf,

    Traveling from Yangon to Bagan, i would like to recommend to take the flight. It will take an hour and flight is on everyday. The price will be around 160 USD per pax. Another option is you can also take the bus. If you choose the bus take VIP ( 2+1 ) which is more comfortable. Bus will take 8 hours from Yangon to Bagan.
    You can take flight from Bagan to Ngapali Beach. But these flight doesn’t fly everyday. You need to check in advance. I would like to recommend the Ngapali Beach which is the best in Myanmar.
    For the NgweSaung, there is no airport. If you want to go NgweSaung, you must come back to Yangon from Bagan and then take bus to NgweSaung which leave at night from Yangon and arrive to NgweSaung next early morning.
    If you need more information about travelling to Myanmar don’t hesitate to mail me [email protected]. My name is Henry and i’m a travel agent in Myanmar.

    Henry Chen 05/10/15    Link Report

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