Multi stop or round the world??

I’m currently planning a trip from England to Thailand, overland to Cambodia and Vietnam, then fly to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and finally flying to the West coast of America and making my way east and flying home from New York. Does anyone out there have any tips on the best way to book these flights and who with?

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Shop around is my first and best advice.

There is no ‘best’ way here, it is all about doing your research and seeing which way works out best and cheapest for you.

How long are you going for too? (because the RTW tickets have a years limitation on them).

My guess is it will be better to book a few one way tickets in advance (such as UK to BKK, then Oz to somewhere in America, then NY to UK again) and then add cheap budget flights (with Air Asia for example) as needed, to get around SE Asia and over to Oz. This way MAY work out cheaper for you, and it will certainly be much more flexible.

BUT saying that you may get a really good deal on an RTW that will take you to say Bangkok, then take in major stops such as Oz, NZ, LA or NY, which are major hubs and are always on popular RTW routes. You may still have to add extra budget airline flights to this however as if you start adding places such as Bali and Fiji to a single ticket the price starts to go up.

This may be of interest to you.

Generally when booking flights from the UK I find STA travel to be pretty good, either that or I will book directly with the airlines themselves. It all depends on who is cheapest after I have shopped around.

Michael Huxley 31/12/13    Link Report

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  • I had the same problem before I went to New Zealand last year. At first RTW multi stop ticket seamed to be a cheaper version but at the end, when I dig a bit further, I discovered a good offer from Air New Zealand from London via Shanghai to Auckland. Hard to beat their fares.

    The main clue of getting a really cheap RTW ticket is to stick to main hubs and stick to the original dates of flights. PLUS you need to be very patient in looking for it!

    Good luck!

    NullNFull 31/01/14    Link Report

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  • I can join Michael on that: If you are planning to stay longer than one year you should book seperate tickets.

    It can be quite anoying and hard work too to check out all the different airlines, so maybe you should use one of those flight-comparing-sites. For my flights within Asia and to Austalia I usualy use

    I can’t give you an advise for the other destinations, I’m totally addicted to Asia and have never been in America. :)

    Emma 16/02/14    Link Report

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