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I recently found this website and liked it very much. Just a little disappointed with the brazilian guide. That is more like a Rio de Janeiro Guide I would say. I strongly recommend adding places like Desfiladeiro Anhumas in Bonito-MS and Fernando de Noronha Island in the what not to miss section. Even places like Lençóis Maranhenses or Monte Roraima easily beat up The City theater or the churches in Rio. Keep doing the good work.

Luciano Almeida Filho 19/01/14    Wildlife and natureBrazil Link Report

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Hi there,

Really pleased to hear that you like our website!

Thanks very much for your comments on our Brazil guide. We are currently working on the next edition of this guide (which will publish in October), so I will pass your feedback on to the authors and editors for this new edition to take into consideration.



Olivia Rawes 20/01/14    Link Report

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