Mérida and Cancún (with a baby) itinerary

We have two days in each in Mérida and Cancún, staying centrally. Any ideas for a good, fairly relaxed itineraries for both these places? Ideally not too much transport involved as we will have a baby.

Dan May 28/01/13    City tipsMexico Link Report

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The thing we most enjoyed about Merida was just wandering around the city and soaking it all up. They have free events on in the city almost every night of the week, when you’ll find the squares get busy with live music, dancing and food stalls – they’re great fun and really family-friendly, too. If you’re in town on a Sunday, much of the centre becomes car-free, and is lined with handicraft and food stalls, so it’s a great chance to try some of the local specialities, and there’s more music and dancing taking place in many of the plazas. The city is really easy to explore on foot, and there’s lots of gorgeous old architecture to see – though it’s difficult not to just spend a few hours sitting in one of the many squares listening to music and watching people dance.

Emma Gibbs 29/01/13    Link Report

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