Luggage/bag solutions?

I am conducting some research into current luggage solutions as part of my final year undergraduate project and it would be really super to have some input from fellow travellers rather than relying on literary research and my own opinion and experience.
If you are able it would be great if you could answer the following questions:
What feature of current luggage / bag designs annoy and / or please you?
What feature would add to a current luggage / bag design to improve its functionality for you?
Many thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated.

railwaygirl 28/05/14    Gear & equipment Link Report

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Hi Dolores,

I don’t tend to travel with a big backpack (heavy, sweaty, too many straps, hard to get things out of…) so am a big fan of wheeled luggage for long trips. I know it sounds obvious, but much as I love the aesthetic of classic suitcases, wheeled luggage is SO much easier to use! My current luggage has moved houses with me, been up and down the country, and travelled around the world – and it’s still doing ok! Top points are ease of transportation (wheels, adjustable handle), straps to hold down what’s inside, and soft material so I can pack irregular-shaped things and still use all the space well.

I would say that one thing I’d like to change is the sturdiness of materials in a lot of soft luggage (the material is starting to come away from the hard base a little on mine). Also, it seems that the design of a lot of two-wheeled bags like mine makes them really front-heavy, which is extremely annoying on public transport… My one also has no external pockets, so if I’m flying I have to take a handbag so my passport etc are easily accessible.

For reference, this is similar to the sort of bag I use for big trips:

Hope this is helpful!


Rebecca Hallett 30/05/14    Link Report

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  • I’m a backpacker through and through. I love my backpack.

    It is unique, versatile, comfortable, easier to carry and infinitely more practical than any hard suitcase or wheeled case.

    I honestly wouldn’t add anything to it that I already haven’t. (I already have waterproof liners, stuff sacks and a pacsafe).

    Michael Huxley 01/06/14    Link Report

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