Luggage Storage (including a computer) in La Paz, Bolivia for ~15 days

Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone has experience storing luggage in La Paz, Bolivia? I need to store a suitcase that will contain a computer. Any recommendations?

Thank you!

paigeemma25 12/05/13    Gear & equipmentBolivia Link Report

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I’d recommend asking your hotel or hostel, as they often offer luggage-storage facilities. However, as they won’t be able to guarantee 100% security, you should make sure you have travel insurance that covers your computer. Be aware that you may also have to pay a fee.


Helen Abramson 15/05/13    Link Report

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  • I spent the month of July 2015 in Bolivia and travelled much of the country. In La Paz I was able to leave luggage in storage at the Naira Hostal while away for 4 and 6 days and returning to the Hostal. I then went south for 2 weeks and left all my climbing gear at the Naira. On my return to La Paz I picked up my luggage and spent the last few days at Hotel Osira which also had luggage storage which we did not use. In the smaller cities there are luggage storage shops off the main streets. Luggage at Naira is signed in and out and kept in a room adjacent to the front desk.

    eric-dafoe 17/08/15    Link Report

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