Looking for a place to stay in Bangkok STAT!

I get into Bangkok midnight in a week or so and am looking for a place to stay for the first few nights, can anyone make any suggestions that are not in a guide or something? I’m not too picky but am looking for something safe but where I’ll be able to meet people pretty easily. Thanks for the advice in advance.

clickeric 09/06/13    AccommodationThailand Link Report

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Since I live in Bangkok I will give this a liitle thought overnight and let you know tomorrow. There is the obvious Khao San Road backerpacker ghetto, which is overwhelmed with places to stay, but they are in every guidebook on earth. It’s the best place to meet fellow travelers, but not a place to meet the real Bangkok locals. Most Thai’s in this area don’t live in the area and just come to serve. I’m not sure of your budget or the price, but near where I live right at the Ramkamhang Airport Link Station is a place called the NASA Las Vegas Hotel. I see lot’s of travelers there and they are mixed Asian and Western. You would be in the center of the action in 5 minutes by the link, but away from the hordes. Just about 1 km from this hotel is an area that is mostly Thai, good choice of restaurants, bars and malls, but this is my neighborhood where you would be one of a handful of non Thai’s, but very welcomed. Many places to eat on Ramkamhang Road and on Pattanakarn Road, Soi 25. There are guest houses in this area that may not be on the beaten trail.

I am in Central Europe for another 10 days, otherwise I could just take a quick 2 minute ride over to the area and do a quick survey for you, but I am not home in BKK. I know you have time issues, but at this time of the year, you should be able to find places not on the guide book route even without a reservation. It’s monsoon season, but usually only in the afternoon, so take a rain coat or umbrealla for sure.

So let me think on this and I will send a message tomorrow!!!!

Time of my life 09/06/13    Link Report

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  • It might help if we knew your budget and preferences mate?

    As Time said the obvious place is KSR, it is where the majority of first time backpackers go when they get to Bangkok, there are so many other backpackers there and is extremely social with plenty of laid back bars, backpacker hangouts etc, and it has a load of cheap hostels too. A lot of long term backpackers dismiss it as a tourist hell hole, and yes it is touristy, but personally I think it is great fun.

    Whilst KSR is a fair option to stay in, personally I think you would have better options in the surrounding area (cheaper, nicer, better transport links etc). Soi Rambuttri is always popular and you’ll find some cheap and decent places to stay.

    As for individual recommendations I wouldn’t bother with those, honestly you are going to find DOZENS of places all vying for your business even as a walk in, so have a look at a few and see which ones take your fancy.

    Michael Huxley 10/06/13    Link Report

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  • I agree with Michael as I gave it thought, as each of us has our individual requirements. There are guest houses everywhere and KSR is the place that many seem go if that is what you are looking for. You can walk around in other areas and see many signs for guest houses. It’s not the high season so you will have no problem just showing up.

    Time of my life 10/06/13    Link Report

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  • Thanks for the advice, I need a place for tomorrow and there are so many options no idea if it was better to book one now or wander around tomorrow after I check out of the place I’m currently at. Am looking online but will also try looking around today as I explore the city.

    clickeric 24/06/13    Link Report

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