Little help with vietnam itinerary

Hi people…
me and my girlfriend are going to travel Vietnam from apr 13th till may 7th

so i have planed a little bit but would really like your help

we are flying from Venice to HCMC on apr 13th and are in hcmc on apr 14th as we wait for 3 hour transfer on hcmc airport and going directly to Hanoi.

so here is my route so far
day 1 Hanoi
day2 Hanoi
day 3 Hanoi
day 4 Hanoi – Hue
day 5 Hue
day 6 Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An
day 7 Hoi An
day 8 Hoi An – Nha Trang
day 9 Nha Trang
day 10 Nha Trang – Mui Ne
day 11 Mui Ne
day 12 Mui Ne – ??
day 13
day 14
day 15
day 16
day 17
day 18
day 19
day 20
day 21
day 22 HCMC
day 23 HCMC
day 24 HCMC flying out in the evening

so we were planing to go also to some island for few days and we kind of wanted Phu Quoc or Con Dao (what would be better) for some snorkling and scuba diving

also a question is there anything else to see (not only industrial towns) between Hanoi and Hue

is Sapa worth taking of route? and is there any good budget trips to halong bay

do you know any good bus companies as i cant find nothing over the internet…

also do you prefer night train from hanoi to hue or air (train would be cheaper for 5$ which doesnt make a big difference to us)

what would be an idea for 4 days tour in mekong delta before going to phu quoc…

thank you for all answers


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Hello Dejan,

You are in for a great treat by going to Vietnam. I have been many times and lived in HCMC for awhile. Great people, great food and amazing places to see.

The Delta has many cheap trips, which you can book through your hotel or guesthouse. You can also book then at the many shops that sell tours. Take a 2 day tour and really enjoy the local hospitality. There is one tour that you will stay overnight in a bamboo hut right on a tributary of the Meekong River. Dinner was with a local family, which was amazing. You are coming at the beginning of the low season, so shop around for a good price. They tours are cheap!!!

It’s hot in HCMC a this time of the year, but just go with the flow. About 4 hours north (if you were a bird) of HCMC is Dalat, which is in the mountains. It’s cooler for sure! It takes about 8-10 hours by bus as they are slow. You will see town’s on the way to Dalat that have more Catholic Churches than I have ever seen. Most residents of those towns are Catholics. Now Dalat itsef is also called “La Petite de Paris”. During the war the Generals from the north and south would holiday there. Go figure! Great food, cheap and the people of the town are so helpful. There is an open air market in the middle of the town. There is a funky hotel there also that looks like tree houses. You can take a tour and it is run by a funky lady. You will love it!!!!! This town is worth the bus ride. Many cheap restaurants and a replica of the Effile Tower (small).

Go north to Sapa! The mountain region of the north is worth a trek. Many buses and tours go there. It’s much cooler!!!!!

Buses can be slow, trains maybe even slower sometimes. Vietnam Air is the primary domestic carrier. You can fly from HCMC to Hanoi, but then you miss the stops in between. Transport is cheap by bus and train, so if you have the time take the train and get off where you want.

Halong Bay is not to be missed!!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of day trips from Hanoi and cheap! A tour of the bay on a junk with lunch cooked on the boat is just amazing. If you want to treat yourself do an overnight stay on a boat with all meals. A great treat that you will never forget!

Just go to the bus station and get a bus. No particular company. If you do a tour they will provide transport, so no worries there.

The Dong is the currency in Vietnam and if you use USD the Dong is tied to the dollar, so a good exchange rate. You will have millions of Dong so get use to getting 3 milllion Dong at a time. hehehe

When you cross the streets is HCMC especially don’t wait for them to stop. Just cross with an eye open for the hordes of motorcycles that will be coming at you. They don’t want to hit you, but they won’t stop either. It is an exercise in trust that the gods are on your side when crossing the street. Best way around HCMC is a motorbike taxi! Cheap and a thrill a minute.

Go to Pho 22 for good, inexpensive Pho anytime of the day! Ummmmmmmm

It will be an adventure you will not forget. Go with the flow! People are nice, but English is still not spoken much outside tourists areas. French will be spoken by sme of the older people as France occupied Vietnam for a number of years. It’s actually an easy country to get around, but can take awhile to get from point to point!!!!!

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  • wow thanks for your answer… well i was doing a little bit more of a research and came up with this…

    day 1 Hanoi
    day2 Hanoi – Sapa or halong for 1 night
    day 3 Hanoi
    day 4 Hanoi
    day 5 Hanoi – Hue
    day 6 Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An
    day 7 Hoi An
    day 8 Hoi An – Nha Trang
    day 9 Nha Trang
    day 10 Nha Trang – Dalat
    day 11 Dalat
    day 12 Dalat – Mui Ne
    day 13 Mui Ne
    day 14 Mui Ne – Saigon – Mekong Delta
    day 15 Mekong Delta
    day 16 Mekong Delta
    day 17 Mekong Delta – Phu Quoc
    day 18 Phu Quoc
    day 19 Phu Quoc
    day 20 Phu Quoc
    day 21 Phu Quoc – HCMC by airplane
    day 22 HCMC
    day 23 HCMC
    day 24 HCMC flying out in the evening

    i would really like to visit sa-pa but i think that its just overpriced for the train which runs really slow (by Night) and would like go to Halong but dont want to stay on a ship ( we are running on a budget and i really think that good tours would be a little overpriced, and cheap tours are not quite safe??)

    also for Mekong delta i was thinking HCMC – My tho for the canals then My Tho – Can Tho (market) Can tho – Ca Mau (not really sure about Ca Mau…) and from Ca Mau or from Can Tho – Rach Gia or Ha Tien to catch a boat to Phu Quoc…

    i was traveling Thailand last year and have a question… are on phu quoc or anywhere in beach side of vietnam any bungalows? or only guest rooms and hotels?

    thanks for answers


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