Limited Time to Greek Island hop

Hi All,
So I will be traveling to Greece in August and have about 5/6 days to spend in the Greek islands. I really want to see Knossos and have visions of white cave homes on Santorini. Besides that I’m torn. Going solo (female) so just lounging about on the beach is not really why I’m going. More want to walk around beauty, see some ruins, meander through cobblestone walkways, those cliches ;)

Then I’ve got to get to Turkey, and I’ve found the easiest (it seems) way to get to Dalaman is flying Heraklion to Rhodes and taking the ferry to Fethiye.

Any advice on particular islands? I’m just a bit worried that whilst going in high season I won’t be able to get the experiences I want on the islands I want (Santorini, Mykonos)


Nicole 18/07/13    Getting aroundGreeceTurkey Link Report

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Like Andy, I’d advise staying on Crete too, otherwise you will waste half your precious days traipsing around. There is so much to see and do on Crete too.

Michael Huxley 19/07/13    Link Report

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  • If your heart’s set on seeing Knossos, I’d advise simply staying on Crete for a week. It has a lot more to offer than just beaches. There’s some excellent hiking (Samaria Gorge being the most dramatic) pretty old towns such as Hania in the far west and more ruins than you can shake a stick at. Alternatively, the southern Dodecanese islands Kassos and Karpathos are pretty far off the tourist track and have ferry and flight connections from Crete and to Rhodes from where you can travel on to Turkey.

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    Andy Turner 18/07/13    Link Report

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  • Thank you so much! I will be taking your advice and staying on Crete!

    Nicole 23/07/13    Link Report

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