Kalkan - the turquoise coast

We will be based in Kalkan for two weeks. We’d love to explore the area, previously we have canoed down the river to Patara Beach and been to various town markets around the area. Can you suggest other places to see…..either an organised trip or we can hire a car.

Thanks for an responses we get!

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The village of Islamlar in the mountains 8km north of Kalkan is supposed to be lovely, if you haven’t already been there.

You could try a circular walk that goes through Bezirgan, a pasture village 17km northeast of Kalkan, via the Lycian Way. You can book an organised walk from Kalkan, or if going without a guide, take a minibus from the top of the roundabout in Kalkan to Bezigran; the walk back to Kalkan should take about three hours.

Have you been to Kaputas Gorge just off the coastal road to Kas, about 6km out of Kalkan? There’s also a popular, beautiful white-sand beach there.

There are several scuba diving sites near Kalkan (25–40 min away by boat) with plenty of fish to spot – try Dolphin Scuba Team (www.dolphinscubateam.com) or Kalkan Diving / Aquasports (www.kalkandiving.com).


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