itinerary help?! SE ASIA

so after getting some good help from my last thread i thought i’d post another question!
my friend and i are travelling to se asia in jan 2015 for 5 weeks (we are possibly going to stretch it to 6 or 7 weeks *fingers crossed)
we want to visit thailand, cambodia, vietnam, laos, malaysia (only briefly) and the philippines!
would love suggestions on what sights to include and ones to miss! even a rough guide on how long we can expect to stay in each place? is a week in each country too little? too much?
any help appreciated! thanks in advance :)

laura 26/08/14    Budget travelAsia Link Report

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Grand Palace in Bangkok is a must, if you can reach Taman Negara in Malaysia then do go (the oldest rainforest in the world, it’s amazing), if you can’t get as far as Taman Negara then head to Penang (lovely island on west coast), Luang Prabang in Laos is touristy but lovely nonetheless, and Hoi An in Vietnam is the place to go for super cheap tailored suits, dresses and leather shoes!

I’d say a week in each country would be okay, just try not to rush through places. Perhaps choose two or three places to visit in each country and focus your time on them, rather than rushing to see the whole country.

Have an amazing trip!

Lottie Gross 27/08/14    Link Report

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