Italian Lakes

I’ll be staying in Lecco on Lake Como in Italy during summer. Which are the best lakes to visit in the Lombardy region, generally, for a mixture of activity, sights and flavours?

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Each of the lakes has its own attractions, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. With such spectacular scenery, romantic lakeside villages and exotic gardens come hordes of visitors – it will be busy in summer but you can manage to avoid the crowds, and as you gaze out from the water’s edge you might forget about them anyway!

You can walk and hike in the mountains surrounding Como and Garda, and join the windsurfers, sailers and paragliders on and above Lake Garda, too. Lugano and Iseo are slightly quieter, although still popular in summer.

Bergamo could make a good day-trip or stop-off en route – its walled upper town is packed with great restaurants.

There’s more info here:

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